A Helm chart for IPFS-cluster released

Sunday, Dec 12, 2021| Tags: updates, node-operators

Hello Monaparty folks,

We’re happy to release new functionariry for the Monaparty eco-system.

We’ve published a Helm chart for the high availability IPFS cluster.

Currently it’s on a “preview” state. But we hope it will work fine almost all envs.

The chart itself doesn’t any pins to impotant content for Monaparty. Some more hacks are required. We’re working to release a Monaparty integration such as Countertable.

Please feel free to send any requests for this new subproject via GitHub.

Happy your party-time with Monaparty.


The first step is to create your wallet. One of the easiest way is to use Counterwallet-mona, our official wallet.

Start Monaparty with Counterwallet-mona