Release train 2323232 on boarding

Wednesday, May 5, 2021| Tags:

NOTE: Some features are postponed. Please read for more details.

Dear Monaparty funs,

The release train 2323232 is now on boarding.

The version of counterparty-lib is 9.5510.1.

Key features

“True” NFT assets

The new object asset_group is added. And fungible flag is added to the issuance message.

asset_group is a similar to the child part of asset_longname and bound to assets issued with not fungible flag.

Trigger message

The new object trigger is added.

It is a generalized cancel. trigger message can contain payload binary in addition to target_hash (like offer_hash on cancel message).

This will be the important milestone for Monaparty Automation and smart contracts.

Asset Metadata

The new object asset_metadata is added.

It works with trigger message. issuer and owner can add key-value pairs to their assets. They can also remove and lock key-value pairs.

This will be the important milestone for Monacard storage, PartyMusic, PartyDNS, and many kind of dApps.

and more

Some bug fixes.

Who missed this train

  • Monaparty Automation
  • PartyMusic
  • PartyDNS
  • Monacard storage
  • Auction contract


Have a fun to Monaparty!

Note for node operators

It may cause exceptions on reparsing counterparty-testnet. We suppose this will be fixed by fednode rollback.


The first step is to create your wallet. One of the easiest way is to use Counterwallet-mona, our official wallet.

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