XMPIP-0021 Draft was published

Thursday, Jan 6, 2022| Tags: XMPIP, development

Hello Monaparty folks,

Cryptcoin Junkey was published new XMPIP-0021. XMPIP is a BIP in Bitcoin. Monaparty is extended by XMPIPs.

The new API and breaking changes are described in the new XMPIP. We expected to provide more power to web service developers using Monaparty.

More tables in Counterparty(Monaparty)-server will be exposed to developers after applied this XMPIP. It will become easier to develop new transaction explorers, wallet interfaces, and so on.

The state of XMPIP-0021 is “Draft”. Please feel free to comment. 日本語でも大丈夫ですよ

After released XMPIP-0021 based server, we’ll contribute this to Counterparty upstream.

Enjoy Monaparty!


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